I Hate That “Take Me To Church” Song So Bad I Don’t Want To Exist Anymore.

I literally can’t get in my car anymore without that damn song being on. And if it isn’t that song, it’s another song that has it remixed into it. That song is the bane of my existence. Once it gets stuck in my head I swear it is worse than Thai Herpes. It just won’t go away no matter what the hell I do. I stuck a steak knife in my ear one night trying to get this damn song out of my head.

I mean, is this video for real?

I mean what the fuck is happening? Like people are burning wood, riding 10 speeds and digging holes for time capsuls. I think there is an Elevation Mask in there somewhere to boot. An elevation mask. Did someone on set get asked to go to Dick’s Sporting Goods for an elevation mask to make someone look scary? FUCK.

Is this guy for real?




Model me the fuck up, Hozier.

I can’t take this song piping through my car anymore. It’s like being sentenced to hearing it for a week straight once you get in two chords. You gotta be quick to shut that shit down or you are screwed.