16 Pictures Of Bikini Models Doing Actual Things

One might assume the occupation of Bikini Modeling would mostly be about wearing a bikini and having your picture taken. You’d be right. 

But here are 16 examples of Bikini Models doing some next level shit.

Bikini Model Provides Satisfaction To Gangsta Rapper Elephant’s Big Ass Trunk

 Bikini Model Licks Athletes Foot From Surf Board

 Bikini Model Leaving No Pole Undanced

Bikini Model Carries Surf Board To Non Surfable Ocean For No Surfing

Bikini Model Discovers Christmas Tree Ornament

Bikini Model Air Jumping For No Actual Reason After Crawling Through Sand Mounds In 80’s Style Agassi Swimsuit


Bikini Model Looking For People That Can’t Swim In A Bae

Bikini Model Watching Other Bikini Model Pose On Car In Front Of Super Shitty 80’s Bikini Posters After Slapping The Shit Out Of Her Right Upper Thigh

Bikini Models Winning Some Bikini Shit

Bikini Model Finding Next Heavy Bag To Fucking Destroy The Shit Out Of

Bikini Model Relaxing On Sharp Stone Surface Rocks

Bikini Model Fucking Up Bikini Model Air Jump And Laughing About Her Trade Skill Incompetence


Bikini Model Drinking The Fuck Out Of Some Smart Water

Bikini Model Doing Shitty Version Of “The Carlton Dance” While Wearing Geriatric Hat

Bikini Model Being Scared Shitless Of Super Small Wave

Bikini Models Paying Bills