Black Woman’s Christmas Spirit Includes Sweet Potatoes With A Side Of Racism.

Francesca Leigh’s video on how to deal with racism at the Christmas dinner table somehow landed on And there really are so many great things here it is damn near impossible to pick out just a few of them, but lets try anyways.

Here is what the post on Upworthy’s Facebook page actually looked like. (the actual video is at the end of the post).


Upworthy didn’t create the image, they were just dumb enough to post it. The image was created by Francesca in an inadvertent attempt to use complete hypocrisy to expose racism at Christmas dinner. Lets break this down:

1) Not all old white men are racist. They are all bad drivers, but not all racist. If you’re going to generalize, be accurate at least. Many of them might not like you, that doesn’t make them racist, it makes them intuitive. The old man in the image you used looks constipated more than he looks racist. He’s probably dying from needing to shit, and instead of someone helping the man out with a laxative and stool softener, he’s having to fight off your underwhelming attempts at wit with his cane.

2) Why are old white men in your family? I really think the problem here is more centered around which grandma or which gold digging sister of yours trying to get some oil money brought this old man to Christmas dinner. Did one of your grandma’s search “thinks I eat fried chicken and seems like the Duck Dynasty guy” in their search box? I’m sure this old man had other shit to do. Like drive 35 on a Freeway. Or poke a raw turkey at the grocery store with his dirty old man finger. Or shit his pants while sitting in a rocking chair. This man looks too old to even know if you’re black, his best day is probably when he is able to find the Bayer without some poor soul in Wal-Mart having to walk him over to the aisle. This guy probably goes missing every month for no reason at all and his family has to issue statewide Silver Alerts, I doubt he has the time or where-with-all to be throwing blankets over his head and leading any KKK initiatives.

3) Why do you show the “cuts” at the end of your video? This was a Youtube video teaching people who have grandmothers who make extremely poor online dating decisions how to make asses out of themselves and miss out on the Sweet Potatoes at Christmas dinner, not The 40 Year Old Virgin.