Space Shuttle flies over California, once again proving Cali is not as cool as the hype.

Next to pouring rubbing alcohol and pepper in my eyes while chatting about gay sex with Paris Hilton in a cab, I can’t think of anything more painful than watching the Space Shuttle Endeavor fly over my home. Look, I get it, the Space Shuttle is cool, because well, it’s been to f#$king space and all, but why on earth is it being made such a big deal of? It flies over your home. Planes are cool. The moon is cool. Well, apparently in California, with all that great weather, and all those bikini clad women, movie stars, and pornography being produced, and mexican food, and mexicans in general, the only thing everyone in California could find to do today was to Tweet or Facebook over the Space Shuttle Endeavor flying over their home.

Not crashing.

Flying, as it is made to do. Just flying.

The great thing about this is that most Californians probably have no idea what the Shuttle is. What it has done. Or where it’s actually going. But that didn’t stop a series of one-ups on Twitter and Facebook to invade our feeds like herpes on spring break. Lets have a look at some of the worst offenders so far.

Awesome, all of California should do a “High Five” over this “event.” If this is what ties California together, count me out for my next vacation. My God, I always thought California was sex and women and drugs and chick-fil-a. Like, if I go out there, am I going to get stuck at LAX watching Boeing 747’s take off? Kim, your pathetic. Please cancel Twitter.

I once saw a donkey crap in a Peruvian man’s mouth at a Circus in a location I am still not allowed to speak of. People went f#$king silent. Because that was so f#$ked up, you couldn’t say anything. But you and your crappy state of California had a moment of silence because the Shuttle flew over you?

Oh great, the old “this just happened” post. Its bad enough when Chicks do it, much less a dude. Are you freaking kidding me?

This might be the worst Tweet of them all. This a$$hole couldn’t even get his own personal picture, he had to use one from a major news source. He pretty much didn’t contribute anything. He showed up at his friend’s party with dudes, that’s pretty much what happened. Completely inconsequential Tweet right here.

You must be an easy date to impress. California clearly sucks.

So everyone just stopped working on how to make our photos look even sh$ttier while they went agaze outside for a little Shuttle Time? Nice. Well I for one am going to be real upset when there aren’t some new Kodak inspired crappy picture frames for my 12.4 megapixel perfectly clear photos.

California makes me want to vomit right now. What a sh$tty place.