New Facebook motivational awesomeness.

For those of you confused, yes, that’s an ant lifting what appears to be a twig as the sun sets behind him. This picture is apparently the latest in a series of motivational pictures on Facebook.

First off, if you need a f%^king ant lifting a f#$king twig standing on a f$%king pebble at f$%king dawn to motivate your stupid a$$ to get up and do your job, you f#$king suck. Secondly, the picture doesn’t make sense. Like why is this the ant’s only option? This looks more like an ant that joined crossfit and less like and ant that is completely out of options. Like, a picture of a man with half his face eaten by a bear, having the bear in a chokehold while eating cheetos, that’s more along the lines of “you never know how strong you are until you have no choice left, like when a bear tries to kick your a$$ for some motherf$%king cheetos.”

That’s motivational.

Honestly, what was the issue with the twig? How was the twig even an issue in the first place? This picture makes no sense. I promise I will see this stupid picture all over my Facebook now because everyone I know is stupid also.