OKC Fans Burn Kevin Durant’s Jersey Because He’s a Raging Vagina

As many of you have heard, Kevin Durant decided to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder to instead play with the Golden State Warriors, the same team who beat him in the playoffs. It took 7 games for the Warriors to advance past the Thunder.

Today, however, it took just 1 second, 1 tweet, for Kevin Durant to become a complete vagina. By leaving Oklahoma City and “taking his talents to San Fran,” he essentially abandons a town that has no other actual sports (except OSU), horrible tornadoes, droughts, floods, and angry Indian people. The team was on the brink of greatness, but Durant instead opted for the vagina way out of the situation by going to the team he couldn’t beat in the playoffs.

Imagine if Kobe had pussed out and played for the Spurs after being swept, or Jordan had played for the Pistons after being beaten in the playoffs. Our entire great NBA history would be one gigantic pussy.

The NBA is virtually ruined at this point. It’s all about super teams. Good versus evil. Sound familiar? Well, it should. The WWF and WWE have made a great living at it. Most already assume the NBA rigs games via refs, but now its like, “Kevin Durant went to the bad guys.”

No one in the NBA has balls anymore. If someone beats you, then you puss out and go join them.

Now Oklahoma City becomes a small market team subjugated by a super rich athlete that decided teaming up with the biggest kids at the park would make him a bad dude.