Douche collapse at Tough Mudder.

Dear Douchemaster,

This picture is starting to make the rounds on Facebook. It’s from the Tough Mudder sham. I guess it’s supposed to be inspirational? Why does the world suck so much? Am I the only one that finds this f##king stupid?


The positive here is that the chick looks like she’s probably pretty hot but some Tough Doucher has his arm choked around her. To answer your question, of course this is stupid and absolutely far from inspirational. People doing things on one leg because the other was blown off by a grenade is inspirational. Girls getting to cut in line at a club when they have small tits is inspirational. Some broad that needs a douche to comfort her after running through some lame ass mud contest is f@#king stupid as all hell. I mean is she crying here? It’s a goddamn contest that you see fat people running in, what the hell made her cry? And why is that guy wearing an orange band around his neck? Everything about this is f@#king stupid. Someone needs to urinate on Facebook some days.