Worst Twerking ever and fashion apocalypse



Dear Douchemaster,

Twerking is all the rage now, but I’m confused, is twerking like a dance routine or is it dying a slow death on an Acid overdose?

This is just brutal, all the way down to this broad’s fake leather 80’s rockstar pants. David Lee Roth must have vomited up all his fashion flashbacks all over this girl. I feel like she purchased these pants from the discount rack at Spencer Gifts right after purchasing her ear rings at Clairs Boutique. Just a full ass mall day.

Now sideburns there looks like he’s ready to pounce on some skirt ass. I love the faded skulls on his shirt. My God, I need to visit the local Charlotte mall, it must be like the “raddest” place ever. I wonder if Nordstroms looked at moving in there and then was like “nah our brand can’t take the hit.”.