iTunes water globe app cost just under $220. Its a shitty snowman in fake snow on a computer screen.

117 Douches till Christmas. 117 people apparently bought a f#cking $219 snowglobe app for their iPhone or iPad. Of course, the first asshole claims it was an accident and wants his money back. Because you know, we all see Apps we HATE and then accidentely press BUY, followed by a further accidental “CONFIRM I WANT THIS FAKE ASS SNOWGLOBE.”

Because well, that happens.

This is without question the most retarded thing I have ever seen. What’s great is someone calling it an “error” or “rippff,” well I sure hope everyone realizes that in order to rate the App, you had to buy it in the first place. Sorry it was a ripoff my friend, I mean who the f$ck would have thought that a computer generate shitty snowglobe for your iPhone would have been a ripoff and not lived up to your holiday expectations?

Lets check out the sales pitch for Frosty the Inflation snowglobe.

“You can use your finger to churn up the white snowflakes.” My God, Jack Frost must be masturbating on Charlie Brown’s underwhelming shitty Christmas Tree right now, that’s how exciting that sounded. The globe also runs a “fluid dynamics simulation,” I mean, I don’t see how NASA isn’t beating down the door of Ubiquitous Muffin right now to get some higher level shit going on down in Houston. Does this Frosty the Snowman have a golden penis? I’d hope so, I mean that’s about the only thing that would make it worth the buy. That or make the future miss Frosty that all the kids invent for Frosty because his sorry ass is so lonely a little less fat. I know, it’s snowballs, which may give off the perception of a fat chick even if that’s not the case, but still, do better folks. Remember when Miss Frosty is standing there and all the kids are trying to name her and all we are thinking is name her “Fatsy?” I still have nightmares.

Well, jokes on my dumb ass, because 117 f#cking idiots paid for Frosty and Fatsy on a goddamn’d iPhone to see it snow on them. I’m not going to do the math here, but rest assured, Ubiquitous Muffin is chillaxin at an Olive Garden right f#cking now laughing at haters like me.

Merry Christmas people, your f#4king stupid..