Can Am Spyder Ads Can’t Be Serious. This Shit Is Douche.

These douchebags riding Can Am Spyders baffle me. More and more I see them cruising along with what I thought were legit bikers (no more though). When these commercials first came out, it was clearly either for old people or mid-lifer’s looking to up their total douche value by about 1 million times. But never in my life did I ever consider that they’d infiltrate legit looking biker crews.

If you really want a laugh, check out the ad for the store.

Yes, that girl’s ass is radiating’ out for some dude who cruises in a Can Am Fucking Spyder. That’s like NASCAR wife ass right there, prime stuff. No way, holmes. Even the bro is too fucking cool for this thing.

Wait, are you fucking kidding me?

OMG. Is that real? I can’t stop laughing at this Instagram account. Do they really think this shitty wanna be motorcycle is legit? These ads would be fine if they removed the hot chicks, cool sets, expensive helmets and leather jackets and instead put in a parking lot for people who race remote control cars.

How pissed is the guy driving the SUV behind these douchemobiles? I mean you have to get pretty mad when that happens to you. These things are glorified 3 wheelers which are street legal.

Wait, let’s slow that shutter speed for some real emphasis on motor awesome.

I wonder if the person who touched this up barreled over in painful laughter?.