And Now Its The Rape Scene In Game Of Thrones. Do PC Saps Ever Tire?

Within one week’s time in America (seriously consider this for a second, just one fucking week folks!):

Women’s groups are mad at Game of Thrones for a rape scene and are boycotting and asking for boycotts for it all over the Internet.

In this particular instance, rape is not necessary to Sansa’s character development (she’s already overcome abusive violence at the hands of men); it is not necessary to establish Ramsay as a bad guy (we already know he is); it is not necessary to prove “how bad things were for women” (Game of Thrones exists in a fictional universe, and we already know it’s exceptionally patriarchal). Rape here, like in all instances, is not a necessary story-driving device.
So says you, right? So don’t watch it, we don’t need 5000 words from you distorting your actual value as a writer.


Men’s groups are mad because Mad Max Fury Road featured a woman in a heroic leading fashion and are boycotting it and asking for boycotts for it all over the Internet.

Here’s a surprise: Tom Hardy, a.k.a. Mad Max, isn’t the star of Mad Max: Fury Road. Charlize Theron is. An even bigger surprise? Vagina Monologues author Eve Ensler consulted on what turns out to be a very feminist film….Theron, not Hardy, leads the charge; she also does the majority of the fighting.
Also not a surprise, you are a pussy. How could you even write this in a serious way?


Louis CK is in trouble and groups are asking to boycott his comedy from his SNL monologue.

Do the PC police ever get tired? It is an incredible effort, really, what these saps do. That’s one week’s worth of work. Deflategate has more meaningful themes than the jackassery of censoring goddamn TV shows and movies. Just turn your TVs off. You don’t need to make a big declaration about it over Facebook, no one at Sony Pictures or Paramount Studios cares about your Facebook status.
How does this conversation go down? I see it like this.
“hey gotta moment?” -HBO Productions Intern


“for you, I got 2!” -President of HBO


“well, that Sansa rape thing, women’s groups are really mad.” -HBO Productions Intern


“tweet that Sansa isn’t a real person, she is a figment of the imagination. Imaginative figures can’t be raped because their vaginas are not real.” -President of HBO


“uh, yeah, well, not sure really, but people won’t accept that. They say some people may start raping and raping now, because people that were maybe like, about to rape their neighbor, may now rape away because it seems ok in Game of Thrones.” -HBO Productions Intern


“Goddamnit, ok, have the writers cut off a man’s balls next week and stab a flying dragon in the asshole then tweet that we don’t condone rape. FUKUOPAH!!!!!” -President of HBO
How about this? If you belong to a group that isn’t like something to do with you boozing too goddamn much or you losing a loved one, go fuck yourself. You have nothing better to do than belong to a fucking Men’s Activist group and pick on a fantasy action flick? Like how bad is your life exactly? You must be as fun as a pile of shit and a match.