Comcast Pulls Douche Move, Gets Customer Fired.



In today’s WTF story, Comcast, the behemoth anti-trust offending cable company with a repeated reputation of shitting on everyone that comes in contact with it, has apparently reached a new low by getting a complaining customer fired because he didn’t want to pay like $1800 is bullshit charges. And you will never believe this, but it all started with a promotional pricing offer. via the consumerist.


He attempted to cancel his service in Oct. 2013 but says a Comcast rep convinced him that the billing issues would be resolved and that he would get free DVR service and The Movie Channel for three months as compensation.

And the typical asshole bullshit has begun. They’ve done this to me and it’s awful. These people are scum.

Making matters worse, Comcast billed him $1,820 for all this stuff he’d never requested and had no use for.

This has become a pretty typical position on Comcast part, just overcharging liberally and at-will.

You can read all about how he got fired right here..