Stop Crying About Louis C.K.’s SNL Skit. You Are an Asshole.


At some point society turned and everyone decided to spend more time being offended by shit than actually accomplishing shit. And hence is the case with Louis C.K. opening Saturday Night Live with a monologue joking about child molestation.

The criers came out in full force noting their being offended. Labeling the skit as insensitive. Declaring that certain subjects be off-limits to comedy routines. Well you know what’s definitely worse than joking about child molesters? People that are offended all the time. If even a quarter of you douchebags spent half as much time trying to make the world a better place as you do being “offended” all day, we’d live in goddamn Cinderella’s vagina full time. Instead we live in the asshole of Jabba the Hutt after he visits an Olive Garden thanks to the greater portion of you.

Every day I wake up and the “I’m offended” herd is blowing up the Internet about some new commercial, comedy routine, a motherfucking sports team tweet or how a fantasy movie did or didn’t use a goddamn woman enough (or too much).

You people are gigantic waste of space assholes who drag down the rest of us who are just trying to make a dollar. You are the welfare line of social media, waiting with your buckets demanding someone drop tokens of sympathy in them.

If you watch his monologue, it couldn’t be more clear that he is kidding. No subjects are off the table when it comes to comedy, unless you are a nazi. But the honest truth is most of you waste of space shitfaces are too lazy and too entitled to even be a nazi. That would require work, unlike Facebook sympathy panhandling.

What does being offended even mean? Like someone telling you your kid looked fat in his second grade play might be offending. I guess. But a comedian? Like what happens when you are “offended,” do you need like medication? The truth is, you aren’t offended, you are a pussy.