“Men’s Rights Activist Groups” Protesting Mad Max: You Are A Douchebag.


If every time you have a beer, it turns into you destroying your neighbor’s potted plants while naked and while coddling a pet ferret, then join a group and get that shit solved. If your spouse dies from cancer, hey, join a group and get some camaraderie. No issue there.

But if you are a man and you join  a Men’s Rights Activist group, you are a fucking pussy at level HIGH. The insanity has never been higher than with the launch of the new Mad Max Fury Road movie. Check this out.

(The Hollywood Reporter)A well-known “men’s rights activist” blog is calling for a boycott of the postapocalyptic film “Mad Max: Fury Road” for being a “feminist piece of propaganda posing as a guy flick.”

Author Aaron Clarey admits he has not seen the film yet, but his self-proclaimed “spidey sense” noticed that Charlize Theron “talked a lot during the trailers” for the film, and he said Tom Hardy only seemed to have cameo appearances. “Charlize Theron’s character barked orders to Mad Max,” writes Clarey on Return of Kings. “Nobody barks orders to Mad Max.” (via cnn)

First let me start by saying, I saw the new Mad Max movie. It’s fucking awesome. Yes, Charlize Theron is a female lead. Yes, Tom Hardy talks less. Yes, super models in skimpy outfits do thinks like stab muscle bound dudes and shoot guns out the window of a moving oil rig. But guess what? It’s fucking awesome. What’s not awesome is that douchebags have to join a goddamn men’s rights group. Like what the hell kind of life is that?

To be fair, I hate feminist just as well. But this movie is certainly not propaganda for anything of the sort. I happen to like hot broads shooting guns, it never made me think I needed to go join a pussy group. I don’t need to feel my balls to know they are there, to think Charlize Theron jiu jitsuing some poor soul would challenge that is insanity.

In addition, you worthless assholes, the movie is fucking fantasy. This movie has a rock and roll guitar player strapped to the front of an ironclad car driven by a guy in a bane mask with men handing from towering spears above him. They drive over mountains with explosives to be greeted by nomadic beings that walk on fucking stilts. Characters in the movie work on the engine while it’s moving at 100 mph. Do you assholes somehow think a man is better cut to live in this fucking nonexistent world?

Are you assholes also upset Lorelai Gilmore owns a large Bed and Breakfast while Luke Danes is just a small time diner owner who just serves up eggs to townspeople in Gilmore Girls. Did you assholes know that Harry Potter doesn’t actually exist? Do you fucknuts consider Little House on the Prairie to be your perfect fairy tale that best represents your lives?

“But now people will think women are strong and can do things that men can’t do, like kill a musician playing a flame throwing guitar while strapped to sound speakers tied to the front of a huge truck speeding through an apocalyptic desert!”

Please go fuck yourself immediately.

By the way, Mad Max Fury Road is the shit. It’s fucking awesome. Everyone should see it.