Rachel Dolezal. A True American Black Hero. Give Her The ESPY Courage Award.


Caitlyn Jenner will win the Arthur Ashe ESPY Award for Courage this year, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make a case for Rachel Dolezal, the head of the Spokane NAACP. Born white, Rachel transitioned to being black and helping to bring progress to black rights. We ask that everyone share this message of empathy so that others can understand the struggle that was Rachel Dolezal.

Our society is so fucked up at this point, let’s help make it even worse.

Rachel is courageous, and anyone who doesn’t share this sentiment is a bigot fucking asshole (remember, you pig heads said this about anyone who thought this of Caitlyn Bruce Kardashian Jenner). Anyone saying that Rachel has a “mental disorder” for thinking she is black is a bigot fucking asshole (again, remember…). If Rachel best identifies as black, then here at Douche.com, she has our unwavering support. It is hard to imagine how incredibly tough the part of her life spent as a white person was. Being white sucks. Could you even imagine waking up and looking at yourself in the mirror and thinking, ‘I know I look white, but I am for sure black.’

The unimaginable pain. The life of a lie. Rachel, as a strong black woman, now has no lies. She is a true American hero, even without the cover of any prestigious magazines. When our children speak of Rachel, they should do so with compassion for her struggle. Before she transitioned, one must think of those times she was at the Apollo theater, there for a show, but feeling like “the show” due to her pale, vampirishly white skin which haunted her soul.

Rachel deserves better from all of us. She doesn’t deserve the criticism and brutal attacks. She deserves awards, cover shoots, reality TV show contracts, paid interviews and an ESPY for Courage. She deserves to be loved and she deserves to be held (as a super black woman). The bigots should be put to bed. The haters should be shamed to death. This is a story about a woman who’s soul was blacker than a bag of charcoal, yet, she pulled through a portion of her life as a white person.

We commend her heroism and hope our children realize her amazing struggle, a struggle which has changed the world..