Mia Khalifa Breaks Internet. Now She’s Got A Great Song You Must Hear.


If you don’t know, Mia Khalifa is the pornstar who broke the Internet by becoming Pornhub’s number one pornstar, all while being Lebanese, which is a big deal because everyone in Lebanon is piss house angry over it. The surprising part is that Lebanon borders Syria. Meaning, people actually woke up and instead of thinking “WTF we have a real shitty neighbor we should have a town hall meeting today,” they instead woke up and thought “wait shouldn’t those be covered? OMG wait WTF she’s going to put that where no way? OMG I had no idea that would fit there I’m calling the Internet police before my country restricts access anyways. Oh and threaten to kill her ass.”

Lebanon sort of bills itself as a liberal covey amongst some pretty hate mongering religious freakazoid cave dwellers, but when it comes to fake boobs, oversized loads in small tunnels and tattoos, apparently they aren’t so liberal. So I guess by liberal they mean more like “it’s sunny, I’m going to show my cheek skin and watch the pirated version of Jesse Spanno losing her shit on pills in Saved By The Bell.” I guess her doing the deeds wearing a hijab doesn’t help either, ya know?

About that song… group Timeflies put out a shindig about here. And it’s pretty solid, impressive work.

Oh, and she’s also Florida State’s unofficial mascot.