Variety Thinks Someone On Earth Cares About Mrs. Doubtfire Sequel.



A celebrity has passed and of course, that now means the major news networks and small timers all gotta fight it out to claim their portions of Internet traffic as people continually consume headline after headline. But eventually this headline regurgitation goes cold.

Robin Williams Has Died

Robin Williams Suicide Shocks Hollywood

Robin Williams, The Life Of A Comic Genius

And it goes on and on. Even President Obama is releasing statements, because God knows he can’t turn down an opportunity for a little mic time.

However, Variety has hands down won the new article race. Instead of remarking on Williams apparent / alleged suicide, they instead brought us the news that Mrs. Doubtfire may not be produced anymore. Yep, that’s how they roll (incredibly shitty pun and all). And this means that everyone who works at Variety magazine should be punched in the stomach multiple times. Mrs. Doubtfire sequel? Are You F’ing Kidding Me? Do only elderly dementia ridden patients read Variety? Who the hell is the audience here?

I didn’t know Robin Williams personally. I liked a lot of his early stuff. He was talented. He was funny. He seemed like a good guy. So forgive me when I say, Variety, do you think anyone in their right minds were waiting in the wings for the latest update on whether or not Mrs. Doubtfire’s sequel would be produced? I mean, clearly your staff was headline whoring with this. Could you not have come up with a better angle? There has to be something else out there about one of the most famous comedians ever’s 40 something year career, no? This is desperation headline whoring at its finest..