Shut Up About Cam Newton Already, He Did Nothing Wrong


The media, as usual, is inventing storylines to hook the sheep. And many of you are, well, sheep. Cam Newton attended a press conference, answered a lot of questions (a few silly ones) and finally just left. He didn’t blame the refs for his loss, he didn’t attempt to justify not winning with any outside reasonings, he simply said they got outplayed. He didn’t throw his soda down and spit on an elderly person on the way out fo the door. But the media, overcourse, shifts into the overhype machine to make up for a Superbowl that maybe didn’t bring the dramatic storylines they’d liked.

This isn’t unusual behavior, really. In fact, one NBA coach has made a name for himself shutting down interviews and walking off.

Sure, not the Superbowl, but who really cares? What did you want from Cam Newton after the interview? For him to sit there and break down a lot of plays? Well, they weren’t really asking that anyways. These guys get pretty beat up playing in the NFL, he took a lot more hits than he’d taken all year, in fact, some feel he was concussed (he ran to the wrong locker room at halftime). Have you ever been concussed after a game and had to endure the same question over and over, minute after minute? In the end, this story is a footnote, nothing else. Maybe he should have stayed, fine, but really, who gives a damn? Move on.


So then, Bill, what is good sportsmanship and class and being a man…THIS

During the 1997 NFL season, Broncos linebacker Bill Romanowski spit in the face of 49ers wide receiver J.J. Stokes after Stokes confronted Romanowski for pulling on his groin in a post-play pileup.Both the cameras and referees caught the incident, but the ref decided to let it go. Stokes was visibly stunned, Romanowski indifferent.It wasn’t until after the game, when both fans and players expressed their outrage at the incident, did the league fine Romanowski $75,000.



As Elsa would say, Bill, Let It Go!!!