Denver Douches Smoke Pot. And they want you to know it.

If there is anything Denver wants you to know, its that they smoke pot. Not that they have big mountains, their a mile high, or that they offer extremely rich people the opportunity to ski; its that they can smoke pot. Recently they had the Cannabis Cup there. Its like some vent where they give out awards for the best pot. Basically, its a place where douchey denver pot heads can get together and bond. Lets have a look.


Are you F’ing serious? Its like these bros don’t make even one soft effort to not be douchebags. I love how the one bro has the same protective case that chicks have on his iPhone. Chicks need serious iPhone cases because they drop their shit all the time. Dudes should not need this stuff. This picture makes me never want to smoke pot again.


Sweet bds, douche. Now jam out to some Alice In Chains on that clear guitar of yours. WTF is he wearing a tie for?



Whoever took this picture is probably the same person who shot the movie, Weird Science. Is she examing the pot leaves? These people take themselves way too serious. Pot people are F’ing annoying now. Whatever happened to just doing drugs without being a douche?

Seriously? Your lungs are so F’ing amazing that you need a gas mask for your pot? Douche. Bag.



Horrible drawing. Its like a character from that shitty Avatar movie meeting a 12 year old with a new box of crayons.



Oh Good. Somewhere in the world its always nice to know that Coachella is always kind of happening.


denver1Does she have a black eye? If so, I have some guesses as to why…way to ruin a perfectly hot body.