People Who Vape Are F’ing Douchebags


Vaping is the newest and most annoying douchebaggery since fake reading glasses. Here are some points I’d like to make. Look if you’re going to vape and be a douchebag then check out for all your douchey vape needs.

1) You didn’t quit smoking asshole, you are basically still smoking. Stop telling us your “quit date,” you basically are a cheater. You still puff nicotine, I’d sure F’ing hope you could “quit” cigs. These are like those boozers who say “I quit drinking” only to find out they still drink wine because that somehow doesn’t count.

2) No one gives three shits about your clouds. Clouds are for the sky. Clouds are not for my coffee shop. Clouds in my coffee shop usually signifies some shit is burning down. And that’s never good. No one but you is impressed by your clouds. Are cam girls impressed by your cocksize also? Oh man, you must have the life!

3) Stop saying “mod.” Its F’ing dumb. None of us even know what that means. Just say “battery.” Its a battery asshole. That’s all. I may start calling my watch battery my time empowerer now just to be a stupid asshole.

4) If your vape shit taste like candy, you are a creepy shithead. If it taste like milk, you are disgusting. If you tell other people what it taste like, I hate you.

5) Stop pissing on smokers. Cigs are good. Some of you have become the Jehovah‘s Witnesses of addictions knocking on everyone’s door. Just stay out of regular smoking sections.

6) Stay away from Youtube.

7) Stay away from Instagram.

8) The following people are assholes.



Dai Sugano


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