The Ice Bucket Challenge Is Here. Go Ahead And Shut Off Facebook.



This weekend my Facebook feed starting being infiltrated with people dumping buckets full of ice water over them. Of course, its all about raising money for ALS (great cause). But why does every charity have to be accompanied by some shitty activity? Like why can’t people just donate money without douching the hell out?

Like, donate money, call it a day. Why do I need to pay your ass to run a 12 mile raise? I get nothing out of you walking 12 miles and then blowing up my Facebook about how you “ran a half marathon.” I’d rather just pay into the cause for you to NOT be annoying on Facebook. I mean this ice bucket shit is totally annoying premadonna doucheness.

What’s better? The ice bucket challenge says that if you dump the ice over your head, you don’t have to make a donation. Yep, people are choosing being an asshole over donating to the cause they claim to support. Think about that for more than 2 seconds.

Though, I will say, most of these people do look like they could use a shower. So there is that…


F’ You Today Show and Matt Lauer.