Miami Douche Vice



Dear Douchemaster,

I was creeping on this Miami party picture site trying to find hot chick pictures for a “project” I am working on, only to find this set of pictures and become completely dismayed and disappointed. When did Miami crown itself douche city of the year? This is F’ing insane. This is like Hipster meets Hippy meets Confused Teenage Girl. What the hell is going on in this stuff?


Typical bro shot. I still can’t believe that bros are allowed around fire. Makes no sense unless they are lighting themselves on fire, in which case it once again makes sense.


No idea. These broads are probably hot somewhere underneath the japanese vomit makeup.


Nothing to see here, just standard lameness douchey DJ activity. Can be found in any city with a population of more than 50k.

paintbroI love that the bro is always able to find the camera, even when its a spy from God’s throne. Seriously, impressive.