How Does American Horror Story Make That Broad Two Headed?


I know what you’re thinking, and you’re sick for it. I know because I was thinking the same absurd, raunchy thing. Lets not openly discuss what the pig minded here are thinking, this is more a post about the cool effects which lead to Sarah Paulson being a two headed circus freak in the new season of American Horror Story. From Uprox.

It’s hard. On average, if you have a two-person scene maybe it will take five hours. If Sarah Paulson’s character is in it, it’s around 12-20. Sarah has to do everything four times. We had a fake Dot made for her based on her own head. She pre-records most of her dialogue. So she’s wearing an invisible earwig when she’s doing scenes with herself. It’s incredibly grueling and very draining on Sarah but she really went for it. I think the results are really quite amazing. One of the things is most conjoined twins on film are depicted with two actors that are connected at the chest. That’s certainly something we thought about doing. But for Sarah, I wanted to challenge her and we thought it would be great to do the two-heads/one body.

We did a screen test early on to see if we could even make it work and we were told we could make it work but it would be incredibly time consuming and expensive. I had no idea how time consuming. But we have like 23 people only on those shots so it’s been fascinating.

Sweet. He told us f’ing nothing about the special effects, he more told us that Sarah works a shit ton of hours and is now somewhat schizo. Still, her having two heads is awesome, because as a guy….