Dallas Super Tattoo Douche



Dear Douchemaster,

My friend and I have been staring at this Dallas Douchebag portrait for some time, we have both agreed that the broad is certainly bangable, but what’s been left to question is what the douche’s shoulder tattoo is? I felt it was a dolphin with a japanese anvil tail that it can use to slaughter enemy evil tarpins. My friend feels like its potentially what the genital area of Theon Greyjoy from Game of Thrones looks like. Also, is that a Home Depot tattoo just below that? I refuse to go any further out of fear of entering a complex realm of douche I may not be insightful enough to navigate.

Whoa, that’s a serious tattoo. I feel like it started out at a Dolphin then the signature douche tribal needed adding in and it became a catastrophe. Maybe? Tough call..



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