Tosh.0 Keeps Beating Down ESPN Like A Lion Stalking A Gazzelle In A Small Cage.


This hits just keep on coming for ESPN after they copied Tosh.0’s web redemption style episodes. If you aren’t familiar, start here: Tosh.0 rips ESPN for being copying plagiarizing cheating puppy stealing assholes.

ESPN’s response to this allegation (obvious truth like the earth is not flat truth) was potentially ten times worse, if that’s even possible.

“This was more of an instance of us using a common phrase than it was copying his wording.”

“We know that doesn’t sound like the strongest explanation yet it’s the truth.”

The network adds, “We are looking forward to ‘giving it another shot’ in future installments of ‘The Awesome Video Segment.’”

This all according to TMZ, who always tells the absolute truth. Of course this all makes sense that ESPN would steal something and then say they didn’t steal it and claim it as their own. Reminds me of something else. Oh yeah, Thanksgiving. I hope indians start protesting ESPN immediately so they can try to get their land back and not just slung a few shitty casinos in terrible parts of shitty state counties. This is a travesty.

Happy Thanksgiving, ESPN..