These Heidi Klum Dirty Animated GIFS Will Make Your Friday.

This broad has still got it.

Sia used Klum as the star of her new music video for, “Fire Meets Gasoline” — bringing in the big guns.” And when I say “used,” I mean it in the classy way. Here are some hot highlights.

heidi-klum-sia-video-bra-1 heidi-klum-sia-video-butt-1 heidi-klum-sia-video-cuddle-1 heidi-klum-sia-video-kiss-1 heidi-klum-sia-video-on-top-1 heidi-klum-sia-video-roll-1 heidi-klum-sia-video-sheer-1 heidi-klum-sia-video-thrust-1 heidi-klum-sia-video-window-1 heidi-klum-sia-video-window-love-1