Stephen A. Smith Puts Foot In His Douche Mouth.


ESPN’s First Take, also known fondly by many as Two Douches And A Host, once again tried to snag ratings at the expense of common sense. Stephen A. Smith, whose commentary typically includes a host of poor sports choices and general name dropping of NBA players, was asked his opinion on the recent case of Ray Rice knocking his wife out.

His response?

Apparently, women are asking for it.

As you can imagine, this went over like a bro with tribal tattoos at an Amish orgy.


That’s Michelle Beadle, who host SportsNation on ESPN. Nothing more exhilarating if you are a huge Disney owned Network that two of your top host brawling. But the best was yet to come. The best being all the douches on Twitter who vilified Beadle and supported jacking women upside the head. Yep, this is the world you live in.