UConn Bros win Douche National Title.

 Dear Douchemaster,

What you are about to see is incredibly disturbing. While the UConn Huskies were busy winning a National Title in Basketball, their fans were busy winning a motherf’ing National Douche title. Seriously, what the hell?


Why the banadanas? And is this bro pointing to the sky or trying to say that his Huskies are number 1? I mean how does one screw up the number 1?



I don’t get this. Is he the UConn Devil Douche? And does she have lightening painted on her face? Oh wait, look at the bro in the background with the ice castle on his head. I don’t get it, who are they rooting for? The evil queen in Snow White?

I think this bro just shit his pants. He’s so damn excited he literally shit his pants. Are those beanies these douches are wearing?

Of course there would be a bro in a cowboy hat. Of course there would…..


This is some severe douche and bro activity. We may just need to send a lone reporter to cover all UConn sporting events in the future, seems it would be a worthy investment.