Ayesha Curry Is Satan’s Vagina & Golden State Fans Are Ridiculous

Ayesha Curry is current NBA MVP, Steph Curry’s, satanic and annoying wife. The Golden State Warriors are entrenched in a battle for the NBA Finals with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and throughout the process, Ayesha has made fun of Lebron and razzed the refs for not giving her husband, Steph, calls.

But last night, everyone from Satan’s Crib (Golden State), went into to full meltdown mode. Ever since Satan’s Vagina called out Lebron for saying he was “taking the high road” after ball sack attack (Draymond Green) cried over a technical foul, Lebron has played like Maximus in the coliseum. Hey Satan’s Vagina, what did you expect?

But this morning, Ayesha decided to up the ante after Golden State lost to Lebron’s Cavs and her husband fouled out, which led to him throwing his gross ass mouthpiece at a fan. Now she’s accusing the NBA of cheating.


Ayesha also believes in chemtrails (at least I am guessing).

Hey, guess what Satan’s Vagina, maybe the NBA cheated when your shitty Warriors came back 3-1 against Oklahoma City, or when they beat the Cavs 4-2 last year in the same NBA Finals? I can only imagine the sad dismal life that Steph has. Living with her much be like pissing tabasco sauce.

Golden State has the worst fan base since the Royals won the World Series. It is criminal how douchey these people are.