Tae Kwon Do Turns Your Kid Into A Wuss. Here Are 5 Ways Jiu Jitsu Can Fix That.

kids tae kwon do photo
Photo by USAG-Humphreys

Tae Kwon Do leads the nation in ripping off parents. Its absolutely the most useless shit ever, yet Tae Kwon Do shops are sprouting up on every corner and more and more parents are getting sucked in to the overpriced experience. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the logical and beneficial alternative to the Tae Kwon Do parent scam.

1) Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Actually Has Kids Do Live Training.

Tae Kwon Do teaches kids to break boards and do form dances so they can advance to the next Tae Kwon Do billable training plan. Tae Kwon Do is concerned about how much they can charge you (and it’s a lot). Do you think breaking a board has any redeemable quality to it? Is there any possible usefulness to it? Its a shitty piece of plywood that any grown ass man should be able to break, but somehow it is used to impress kids and their parents. Show me a kid at the school yard breaking a board with a karate chop and I’ll show you a kid about to get some solid bullying. Jiu Jitsu teaches kids how to use their leverage to escape bad situations. It shows them that SIZE DOESN’T MATTER.


2) Tae Kwon Do Is Way Overpriced (Its A Scam).

Many Tae Kwon Do gyms cost $200 a month. And for what? So you as a parent can hang out in some packed gym watching your kid learn to break a damn board or memorize a couple of pivot moves? Does it honestly appear they learn anything of relevance in there? Jiu Jitsu gyms often struggle to get kids in because honestly, they just aren’t marketed incredibly well. Tae Kwon Do has been marketing geniuses for years now sucking in aloof parents. Tae Kwon Do pitches itself as a mainstream activity shunning all other martial arts. But Tae Kwon Do is just a course designed to bang your credit card as much as possible. Your kid advances if you pay for it. Jiu Jitsu teaches kids real applicable skills. Many Jiu Jitsu kids programs are much cheaper in cost, much more willing to help your kids, and have way more skilled instructors who do a great job including the parents in their kids athletic development.


3) Jiu Jitsu Teaches Kids The Art Of The Escape.

Jiu Jitsu is used by men and women around the world, from the military and law enforcement to the core of all self defense courses. Taw Kwon Do is not. Because it’s incredibly stupid. Tae Kwon Do teaches your kid to throw punches with 0 anticipation of counter punches. Just straight ass punches with the other arm dropped. Jiu Jitsu teaches your kid how to escape a headlock. Now, which do you think is more meaningful? Would you rather your little boy or girl learn at a young age how to move their body in a way that throws an attacker off them, or learn how to do a form dance and break a piece of plywood? Kids learning how to escape bad situations even translates into adulthood, in fact, probably better than learning it as an adult (kids are sponges). A little girl learning how to get an oversized person off her is something she never forgets. Wouldn’t you feel better the day your 12 year old daughter is an 18 year old daughter walking out the door for college? Attackers don’t bring a plywood board breaking test with them. That’s not the way the world works.


4) But Jiu Jitsu Is MMA And I Don’t Want My Kid To Be A Thug.

Tae Kwon Do isn’t really prevalent in the MMA or UFC systems. This is because if you bring Tae Kwon Do into the ring, you get your ass kicked. That’s the only reason it isn’t there. I would sincerly put my kid in ballet before Tae Kwon Do. That wasn’t a joke either, NFL players take ballet. Know what they don’t take? Yeah, Tae Kwon Do. No actual athlete takes Tae Kwon Do because they know it is a joke just designed to get you to pay for it. $200 a month? Your kid could learn to play a piano! That would be 10 times more valuable than Tae Kwon Do!


5) Jiu Jitsu Helps Get Kids In Shape.

Tae Kwon Do helps kids learn that breaking shitty plywood is admirable. In Jiu Jitsu, kids are encouraged to run and play, they compete with other kids and are taught sportsmanship. If you are going to pay for something, why not put your hard earned money towards a program that actually helps your kid learn coordination and skills that could help him or her if they needed to escape a situation?