Pretty Dallas Douches

Dallas never has a shortage of douchebags. If there is ever a douchebag drought, Dallas will be the richest city in the world.

dallas1 dallas2 dallas3 dallas4 dallas5

The Bro Tempest

What happens when ultra happy bro and mega sad bro are in the same room? A bro tempest that rages with the power to char the soil of our earth until the end of time.



Happy Monday Bros.

Because God Loves Us All.

Even Bros.

Are they peeing on the hotties?



Duck Face Bro Broing Out.



Pretty In Pink Douche


Peace Bros.

Never underestimate the power of a bro throwing down a peace sign.


Douche Leppard

Dear Douchemaster,

I was looking around for my Friday morning cup of douche, I saw that Dallas had a KISS and Def Leppard concert and my first thought was “no way there would be a grip of douchebag pictures here.” I mean, that wouldn’t make any sense, right? A Def Leppard and KISS concert would certainly be the utmost classiest, coolest cats on planet earth.

Would you believe I was wrong?

I wonder what one pays for a Def Leppard concert ticket? Man…

dallas dallas2 dallas3 dallas4 dallas5 dallas6 dallas7


Vegas Bro Obey



Dear Douchemaster,

I hate throw back thursday on Facebook and Instagram. Its just a chance for old fat chicks to post pictures of when they were young, tight and hot. And most of them do that on the daily anyways, so not sure why we need this excuse of a day for it. I love hot chicks as much as the next filthy guy, but I do like my vagina to be a bit current, also. I don’t J off to old Marilyn Monroe posters for a reason (no offense Shawshank). I already been there.

Oh and check out this Obey Bro. What a shirt. Tribal tatts to boot. What the hell is going on on that shirt? Some tribal, some Africa, He makes me feel like I am buying a trip to a safari.

Happy Thursday,



Kansas City Bros attend Rock Fest.

Rock and Bro was in full force at Kansas City’s annual rockfest event and the bros and douches (and some hotties) were on the prowl.

kc1 kc2 kc3 kc4 kc5 kc6

Good Morning Bros.

And please remember,


Mason”bro” Island, Carolina.

These are pictures from Masonboro Island in Carolina from over the weekend. Its literally Bro Island. Its pretty amazing. Bros from beach to beach.


broisland1 broisland2 broisland3 broisland4 broisland5 broisland6 broisland7

Bro Packing Heat



Dear Douchemaster,

This smoking broad obviously doesn’t settle for just any bro, but instead she settles only for bros who pack a lean, mean love machine. I’m not even sure if she’d be ok with a chump like me after this loaded gun experience.

Bro, how small are you? This seems seriously like corduroys that are too tight and got wiggled up? I don’t know if this is necessarily the starship fleet landing as much as it is ¬†Amelia Earhart’s plane remains. Sorry bro.